UFO sightings… but no pictures. Sorry!


Today I eventually finished two of the many UFOs hiding in my boxes and cupboards. Yeah! 🙂

My son’s school is going to celebrate carnival next week, so I was looking for some fabrics for a pirate costume. While digging through my stashs I found a tee that I had begun to sew for my son two (?) years ago. After I stopped hitting myself on the forehead in deep, deep shame, I finished the tee. Of course it is way to tight and short for my son but I will keep it for son number two.

Next UFO were my son’s sweatpants which have become too short but not too tight. So I cut a few inches off of each trouser leg and hemmed them afterwards. Both my children have the habit to grow in length but not that much in width. My daughter had a pair of sweatpants that she wore from the age of three to the age of seven. Of course that doesn’t work with jeans or any other non-elastic clothing as they might be slender kids but not extraterrestrials (speaking of UFOs).

I also did cut more of the fabrics for my daughter’s blanket and will continue working on it when I have finished the costume for my son.

So, have a nice day.

Progressing, whoop whoop!


I have worked on the quilt top for my daughter. Thanks to the easy layout I am making progress pretty fast so I hope that I will finish the top at the weekend.

Here are the latest pictures. (I am secretly applauding myself. Just a bit.)

100_1518(The picture frame on the right measures 50 cm x 50 cm.)


Sew much to do


Ok, here we go. This post is kind of a confession.

I am steadily creating a mess in my sewing room (and in my head but that’s ok, it’s always been messy up there). I start project after project, trying a new block pattern here, cutting fabrics/charms/triangles/whatever for a new blanket/cushion/don’t-know-what-it’s-gonna-be-in-the-end, and losing interest after an afternoon spent on that. Actually, I don’t lose interest in the current project it’s more that the new project is more interesting. And ideas for new projects pop up in my head like every hour (or minute).

That being said, here is the proof of the area of my brain that’s responsible for sewing doing the ping-pong:

These are two of four parts of a quilt block. I love the colours and the space fabric and I wanted to try the foundation piecing pattern. As you can see I did try and there are at least two parts waiting to get stiched together.

quilt block pieces

The next picture is a work-in-progress picture. On the left you can see the pattern, on the right you can see that I have failed in putting the pieces together. And the dark blue part is too small.


Next picture shows a pair of knee-long trousers for my son. I used black jersey (obviously) and striped jersey (I think it’s a left over from an old tee of me) for the waist and the legs. I’ll try to take a picture with the boy wearing the trousers. He likes them as they are really comfortable. – That’s actually a project I did finish. Ha! There’s still hope for me.


Next two pictures show (one of) my next project(s): A quilt for my friend. The colours are very light – blue, mint green, grey and pink – with flower prints and stars, stripes and dots.



Last but not least: The most current project I have started. It’s going to be a quilt for my daughter:



But rest assured: One day I will finish all of the projects mentioned above (and the blanket for my mother-in-law, which I am working on constantly. Promise).

We are back…


… to the dark side. And we have cookies. And blankets.

Paris was beautiful. And kind of stressful because everyone wanted to see or do something different. The young man wanted to see the Eiffel tower. Our dear daughter wanted to go shopping. My hubby wanted to visit the Louvre and I wanted to visit the Sacré Cœur (and the fabric shops nearby). We did all of that. And more.

And we found out that my son is really good at reading maps – and finding more places to go to, e.g. the smaller version of the Statue of Liberty. We even went to the Père Lachaise Cemetery because my son wanted to see where his favourite singer was buried (yes, my son is a fan of The Doors). What can I say? We walked around like forever, climbing stairs, following narrow paths, and then it started to pour out cats and dogs. We did not find Jim Morrison’s grave. But honestly, I didn’t really want to. As far as I know the grave is under strict surveillance and it seems more like a circus attraction than a last resting place. If you enter the cemetery through the main entrance you can purchase a map of the Père Lachaise with all graves of poets, musicians, composers, and whatnot.

Our hotel was more or less in the heart of Montmartre. We visited the Sacré Cœur three times because the kids were so fascinated by this basilica. And it is really beautiful and impressive so it was ok to climb up those stairs three times. And you have a great view over Paris up there. The place in front of the basilica is always crowded with people from everywhere, mostly young folks. There was always someone with a guitar and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Near the Sacré Cœur are lots of fabric shops. There is a big one called Marché St. Pierre where you can get everything from upholstery fabrics to apparel fabrics and patchwork fabrics. I could have spent days in this building! Next to Marché St. Pierre there are other shops as well which are worth visiting.

This is a small selection of fabrics I bought there:

fabricsIn Montmartre there is also a cute shop called Petit Pan. They sell adorable clothings for babies and children as well as decoration for the home. They have a beautiful range of colourful fabrics as well which they sell by the metre and as fat quarters or charm packs. fabric2

Here you can see the space fabric and the quilted blue fabric that I bought in their shop. (I call the black one space fabric as those circles remind me of planets. And the colours are brighter than in the picture.)

I used the space fabric for a baby blanket that I have sewn today and that you can see here:

the dark side

It measures approximately 40 x 40 inch (or 1,00 x 1,00 metres). The red fabric is actually a bright orange.

That’s all by now. I have to sew more fishes for my son’s always hungry seagull (soft toy) now.

Paris, mon amour


The next six days we will be in Paris, having a not that romantic vacation with all the tourist stuff like visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. But of course I am going to stop by some fabric shops and will hopefully find some nice French fabrics.

I consider taking one of my UFOs with me: A diamond star quilt. Or: scraps and templates, needle and thread. But then, will I have time for this? We will be on the road most of the day and I am not sure if I will feel like sewing in the evenings. Hm…

However, I hope you’ll all have a nice week.

The pattern in pattern making


OK, today I have tried to “design” my own paper piecing pattern. I am pretty sure that this pattern already exists but nevertheless I wanted to develop the idea and the pattern by myself. Just to be able to understand the process in the making of patterns for paper piecing. You know: From the basics to the more elaborate ones (one day, maybe).

This is the result:


All the small things…


… need a home.

The first one is made from Woodland Critters fabric. I had a sample piece and the fabric is so adorable that I wanted to use it. But as it was just about 5”x5” it was hard to come up with something to sew.

I added a small strip of orange fabric to get a reasonable sized piece to work with. It’s done in minutes and – though it could be improved – I am happy with it. It will be a surprise for a very nice person who happens to like the Woodland Critters fabrics just as much as I do.

And for me: I have to order more of the fabric asap. 🙂

key pocket

key pocket 2

The bag in the background is the new home for hexagons so I can take them with me and stitch them together whenever I want and wherever I am.