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The pattern in pattern making


OK, today I have tried to “design” my own paper piecing pattern. I am pretty sure that this pattern already exists but nevertheless I wanted to develop the idea and the pattern by myself. Just to be able to understand the process in the making of patterns for paper piecing. You know: From the basics to the more elaborate ones (one day, maybe).

This is the result:



Icky Thump – A piece of paper


icky thump


I am not sure whether this is gonna be the quazillionst pillow or if I do a few more blocks and make a small quilt for our next baby.

All the small things…


… need a home.

The first one is made from Woodland Critters fabric. I had a sample piece and the fabric is so adorable that I wanted to use it. But as it was just about 5”x5” it was hard to come up with something to sew.

I added a small strip of orange fabric to get a reasonable sized piece to work with. It’s done in minutes and – though it could be improved – I am happy with it. It will be a surprise for a very nice person who happens to like the Woodland Critters fabrics just as much as I do.

And for me: I have to order more of the fabric asap. 🙂

key pocket

key pocket 2

The bag in the background is the new home for hexagons so I can take them with me and stitch them together whenever I want and wherever I am.

Don’t be afraid of the monster in your bed


Originally I wanted to sew a bib according to this tutorial. As you can see I have done that:

monster bib

The bib is proudly presented by Frog.

Then, I have found a tutorial for an elegant pillow case in the current issue of Patchwork Spezial. As we are everything but elegant I modified the pillow and – voilà:

May I introduce? This is Karlson, the pillow monster. Or monster pillow?



The next time I’ll sew this pillow I will enlarge the eyes.

And if you are still afraid of the monsters under your bed, just give the monster in your bed a big hug.