UFO sightings… but no pictures. Sorry!


Today I eventually finished two of the many UFOs hiding in my boxes and cupboards. Yeah! 🙂

My son’s school is going to celebrate carnival next week, so I was looking for some fabrics for a pirate costume. While digging through my stashs I found a tee that I had begun to sew for my son two (?) years ago. After I stopped hitting myself on the forehead in deep, deep shame, I finished the tee. Of course it is way to tight and short for my son but I will keep it for son number two.

Next UFO were my son’s sweatpants which have become too short but not too tight. So I cut a few inches off of each trouser leg and hemmed them afterwards. Both my children have the habit to grow in length but not that much in width. My daughter had a pair of sweatpants that she wore from the age of three to the age of seven. Of course that doesn’t work with jeans or any other non-elastic clothing as they might be slender kids but not extraterrestrials (speaking of UFOs).

I also did cut more of the fabrics for my daughter’s blanket and will continue working on it when I have finished the costume for my son.

So, have a nice day.


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