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We are back…


… to the dark side. And we have cookies. And blankets.

Paris was beautiful. And kind of stressful because everyone wanted to see or do something different. The young man wanted to see the Eiffel tower. Our dear daughter wanted to go shopping. My hubby wanted to visit the Louvre and I wanted to visit the Sacré Cœur (and the fabric shops nearby). We did all of that. And more.

And we found out that my son is really good at reading maps – and finding more places to go to, e.g. the smaller version of the Statue of Liberty. We even went to the Père Lachaise Cemetery because my son wanted to see where his favourite singer was buried (yes, my son is a fan of The Doors). What can I say? We walked around like forever, climbing stairs, following narrow paths, and then it started to pour out cats and dogs. We did not find Jim Morrison’s grave. But honestly, I didn’t really want to. As far as I know the grave is under strict surveillance and it seems more like a circus attraction than a last resting place. If you enter the cemetery through the main entrance you can purchase a map of the Père Lachaise with all graves of poets, musicians, composers, and whatnot.

Our hotel was more or less in the heart of Montmartre. We visited the Sacré Cœur three times because the kids were so fascinated by this basilica. And it is really beautiful and impressive so it was ok to climb up those stairs three times. And you have a great view over Paris up there. The place in front of the basilica is always crowded with people from everywhere, mostly young folks. There was always someone with a guitar and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Near the Sacré Cœur are lots of fabric shops. There is a big one called Marché St. Pierre where you can get everything from upholstery fabrics to apparel fabrics and patchwork fabrics. I could have spent days in this building! Next to Marché St. Pierre there are other shops as well which are worth visiting.

This is a small selection of fabrics I bought there:

fabricsIn Montmartre there is also a cute shop called Petit Pan. They sell adorable clothings for babies and children as well as decoration for the home. They have a beautiful range of colourful fabrics as well which they sell by the metre and as fat quarters or charm packs. fabric2

Here you can see the space fabric and the quilted blue fabric that I bought in their shop. (I call the black one space fabric as those circles remind me of planets. And the colours are brighter than in the picture.)

I used the space fabric for a baby blanket that I have sewn today and that you can see here:

the dark side

It measures approximately 40 x 40 inch (or 1,00 x 1,00 metres). The red fabric is actually a bright orange.

That’s all by now. I have to sew more fishes for my son’s always hungry seagull (soft toy) now.