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Progressing, whoop whoop!


I have worked on the quilt top for my daughter. Thanks to the easy layout I am making progress pretty fast so I hope that I will finish the top at the weekend.

Here are the latest pictures. (I am secretly applauding myself. Just a bit.)

100_1518(The picture frame on the right measures 50 cm x 50 cm.)



Sew much to do


Ok, here we go. This post is kind of a confession.

I am steadily creating a mess in my sewing room (and in my head but that’s ok, it’s always been messy up there). I start project after project, trying a new block pattern here, cutting fabrics/charms/triangles/whatever for a new blanket/cushion/don’t-know-what-it’s-gonna-be-in-the-end, and losing interest after an afternoon spent on that. Actually, I don’t lose interest in the current project it’s more that the new project is more interesting. And ideas for new projects pop up in my head like every hour (or minute).

That being said, here is the proof of the area of my brain that’s responsible for sewing doing the ping-pong:

These are two of four parts of a quilt block. I love the colours and the space fabric and I wanted to try the foundation piecing pattern. As you can see I did try and there are at least two parts waiting to get stiched together.

quilt block pieces

The next picture is a work-in-progress picture. On the left you can see the pattern, on the right you can see that I have failed in putting the pieces together. And the dark blue part is too small.


Next picture shows a pair of knee-long trousers for my son. I used black jersey (obviously) and striped jersey (I think it’s a left over from an old tee of me) for the waist and the legs. I’ll try to take a picture with the boy wearing the trousers. He likes them as they are really comfortable. – That’s actually a project I did finish. Ha! There’s still hope for me.


Next two pictures show (one of) my next project(s): A quilt for my friend. The colours are very light – blue, mint green, grey and pink – with flower prints and stars, stripes and dots.



Last but not least: The most current project I have started. It’s going to be a quilt for my daughter:



But rest assured: One day I will finish all of the projects mentioned above (and the blanket for my mother-in-law, which I am working on constantly. Promise).

All the small things…


… need a home.

The first one is made from Woodland Critters fabric. I had a sample piece and the fabric is so adorable that I wanted to use it. But as it was just about 5”x5” it was hard to come up with something to sew.

I added a small strip of orange fabric to get a reasonable sized piece to work with. It’s done in minutes and – though it could be improved – I am happy with it. It will be a surprise for a very nice person who happens to like the Woodland Critters fabrics just as much as I do.

And for me: I have to order more of the fabric asap. 🙂

key pocket

key pocket 2

The bag in the background is the new home for hexagons so I can take them with me and stitch them together whenever I want and wherever I am.